Why I Joined Phi Sigma Kappa


Brother Mina Awad

“I first transferred to NIU as a junior; joining a fraternity was the last thing on my mind at my age. I had a few cool roommates that I met through the NIU facebook page. Though my roommates and I got along, I found myself alone most of the time. Not wanting to hate my college experience, I decided to talk to my neighbors who happened to be Phi Sigs. After getting close with them, I changed my mind on greek life and decided this was the house I wanted to join. Phi Sigma Kappa is the most prominent house on campus and has morals and values that align closely with my own. There were also the added benefits with academics, athletics, and career opportunities and connections that this house had accumulated over the last fifty years on this campus. The moment I affiliated with Phi Sig, my views of NIU changes radically and for the better. I had a new found sense of belonging and pride knowing that I chose to be a part of NIU's finest.”


Brother Jermain Hall

“I joined Phi Sigma Kappa for many of the attributes that the fraternity achieves in and being a brother of Phi Sigma Kappa, transforms you into the best gentlemen you can be for the rest of your life. In the near future, I plan on having a business of my own, and managing others. I believe that being a brother of Phi Sigma Kappa, will help me attain my full potential and grow into an excellent leader. Not only can I count on my brothers for as long as I live, but they also know that they can rely on me for anything that may be occurring. Attaining brotherhood, building character, and achieving scholarship is the reason why I became a brother of Phi Sigma Kappa.” 



Brother Johnny 

When I first arrived at Northern Illinois University I was a bit skeptical at first. I had just transferred in from the College of DuPage and didn't know many people. Being a junior I thought it would be difficult to make friends because I believed that everyone already established their specific clicks. I was given a tour by a group of people and they took me down to Greek row. I approached the largest and nicest looking house on campus and found that it belonged to the gentleman of Phi Sigma Kappa. When I arrived I was immediately greeted with friendship, kindness and open arms. I could feel these were guys I wanted to hang out with and get to know. They were so welcoming and kind to me even though I didn't know anybody. I joined Phi Sigma Kappa for the friendship and stayed for the brotherhood.




Brother Jacob 

When I first came to NIU, I was completely against joining a fraternity because of their negative portrayal in the media. However, once I met some of the guys from Phi Sigma Kappa, everything I thought I knew went right out the window. They showed me everything this house had to offer, whether that be brothers for life, connections in my field of study, athletic excellence, or any of the other numerous ways Phi Sig has set out to help its members and the community. Because of this, choosing Phi Sigma Kappa was one of the easiest and best decisions I have ever made.”



Brother Eric Guenther

"When I decided to attend Northern Illinois, I already knew I was going to rush a fraternity. I grew up hearing my father's incredible stories of college, as well as the experiences, opportunities, and life long friends he obtained through his own, Theta Chi. I was introduced to Phi Sigma Kappa during the first week of my freshman year; I knew some members from high school and I quickly became very close with a number of other rushees. This fraternity has made me more efficient, involved, and reliable than I ever thought I was capable of. Throughout my career at Northern, Phi Sig has consistently offered me countless opportunities and forged me into a completely new man and business professional. I have made the greatest friendships and obtained a true home away from home. I have never been prouder to be a member of the finest fraternity on campus, a true gentleman of Phi Sigma Kappa." 


Brother Jose Gonzalez

"Coming into NIU I had no intent on joining a fraternity because of all the stereotypes that are portrayed on TV. My perception quickly changed the moment I stepped out of my car on dorm move-in day and had a group of guys help me move in and were the most genuinely nice guys I ever met. I have always been a good student, but when I joined Phi Sigma Kappa I realized my limits were higher than I expected. I found out I had a passion for community service, I studied harder than I ever had and I became an all-around better person. Now, I am a member of NIU’s honors program, a Senator of the Student Association (SA), and I am on the Executive Board of many NIU organizations, including CEO and Red Riot. It’s safe to say that I would not have had all these opportunities without the support of my fraternity brothers. Joining Phi Sigma Kappa was easily the best decision I’ve ever made."



Brother Skylar Smith

"When I first came to NIU as a sophomore, I knew that I wanted to grow as a student and a leader. I was soon introduced to some of the men at Phi Sigma Kappa, and after seeing first-hand their incredible leadership skills, I knew this would be the place to develope my own. As I became a member, Phi Sigma Kappa gave me numerous opportunities to refine my leadership skills as well as provide me with the tools I need to become a successful student. Phi Sigma Kappa has ample opportunities for anyone who desires success in their lives, regardless of major or background. Joining this organization was one of the best decisions I've made because it has helped shape me into the man I am today. Phi Sigma Kappa has made me a great leader and a successful student."



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