Famous Phi Sigs


  • Frank J. Lausche - Pi Deuteron (Ohio State) Honorary. Former Senator from Ohio; former Ohio governor.
  • John V. Tunney - Iota Pentaton (Cal. State -Fullerton) Honorary. United States Senator from California.
  • R. Smith Simpson - Psi Virginia '27. American Consul in Bombay, India; research professor in diplomacy, Georgetown University; author of "Anatomy of the State Department".
  • Fred D. Schwengel - Gamma Epsilon (Truman State University) '29 One of the founding members and former president of the U.S. Capitol Historical Society and eight term U.S. Representative from Iowa
  • Robert E. Leach - Pi Deuteron (Ohio State) '33. Ohio Chief Justice.
  • Robert V. Denney - Sigma Deuteron (Nebraska) '38. Federal Judge and representative from Nebraska.
  • James D. Hodgson - Beta Deuteron (Minnesota) '38. Former United States Ambassador to Japan; Former Secretary of Labor.
  • Gilbert Gude - Eta (Maryland) '45. Former Congressman from Maryland; Director, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress.
  • Robert Funseth - Psi Triton (Hobart) '48. Retired Assistant Secretary of State.
  • Joseph Dini - Eta Deuteron (Nevada) '50. Former Speaker, Nevada General Assembly.
  • John D. Scanian - Beta Deuteron (Minnesota) '51. Former United States Ambassador to Yugoslavia.
  • Arthur C. Levitt - Chi (Williams) '52. Former Chairman, United States Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Geore A. Trail - Pi (Franklin & Marshall) '58. Retired United States Ambassador to Malawi.
  • John H. Sununu - Omicron (M.I.T) '61. Former Governor of New Hampshire; Former White House Chief of Staff.
  • Anthony Coelho - Rho Tetarton (Loyola Marymount) '64. Former U.S. Congressman from California, House Majority Whip.
  • Richard Hecklinger - Xi (St. Lawrence) '65. United States Ambassador to Thailand.
  • Stewart H. Rudisill - Rho Deuteron (Gettysburg) '12 Former Chaplain of Phi Sigma Kappa.
  • Stewart W. Herman - Rho Deuteron (Gettysburg) '30. President, Lutheran School of Theology.
  • Alvin S. Rudisill - Rho Deuteron (Gettysburg) '50. Chaplain at the University of Southern California.
Science and Research
  • J. Walter Larkin - Tau (Dartmouth) '24. President, Osteopathic College of Ophthalmology.
  • Milton Harris - Theta Deuteron (Oregon State) '26. President, American Institute of Chemists.
  • Charles C. Price - Phi (Swarthmore) '34. Chairman of the Board, Swarthmore College; Winner of the 1974 American Chemical Society Award for Creative Invention of polyether polyurethane rubber; President, World Federalist Educational Fund.
  • Lt. Col. John R. Hane - Zeta (CCNY) '39. Chief of Aircraft and Guided Missile Section, Technical Training Division USAF in the Pentagon.
  • Richard W. Lyman - Phi (Swarthmore) '44. President, Rockfeller Foundation; Former President, Stanford University.
  • Leonard J. Grant - Lambda (George Washington) '50. Retired Vice-President, National Geographic Society.
  • Richard F. Gordon, Jr. - Lambda Deuteron (Washington) '51. Retired Captain, U.S.N.; NASA Astronaut, missions: Gemini 11 & Apollo 12.
  • John Fabian - Chi Deuteron (Washington State) '61. Former NASA Astronaut; Veteran of two space shuttle missions.
  • Daniel Brandenstein - Sigma Zeta (Wisconsin-River Falls) '65. Retired Captain, U.S.N.; Former Chief of the NASA Astronaut Office; Veteran of four space shuttle missions.
  • John S. Knight - Gamma (Cornell) '18. Publisher and owner, Knight Newspapers; member of Cornell Board of Trustees.
  • A. B. Guthrie, Jr. - Mu Deuteron (Montana) '23. Pulitzer Prize author.
  • Arnold W. Gingrich - Delta Deuteron (Michigan) '25. Publisher, ESQUIRE.
  • John A. Prestbo - Rho Pentaton (Northwestern) '63. Markets Editor, Wall Street Journal; Senior Editor, Dow Jones.
  • Steven S. Ross - Gamma Tetarton (Rensselaer) '68. Editor, New Engineer Magazine and Enviorment Regulations Handbook.
Business and Industry
  • John "Jack" F. Welch - Alpha (Massachusets) '57. Former Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, General Electric Co.
  • Pat Coady - President of the World Bank
  • D. William Brosnan - Kappa Deuteron (Georgia Tech) '28. Retired President, Southern Railway System.
  • George Murray Campbell - Alpha (Massachusetts) '20. Retired Vice-President, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company.
  • Louis W. Dawson - Gamma (Cornell) '19. Former President, Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York.
  • Vernon A. Johnson - Omega (California) '36. Vice-President, Lockhead Aircraft.
  • Reginald H. Jones - Mu (Pennsylvania) '39. President of General Electric Company.
  • Ronald G. Assaf - Eta Triton (Akron) '57. Chairman, Sensormatic Electronics.
  • Thomas Cusack - Mu (Penn) '77. CEO, Transamerica Life Insurance.
  • Jerry D. Choate - Xi Triton (San Jose State) '61. Retired Chairman and CEO, Allstate Insurance Company.
  • Stephen Courter - Kappa (Penn State) '77. Chairman & CEO, NEON, Inc.
  • Philip B. Fletcher - Xi (St. Lawrence) '54. Retired Chairman & CEO, Conagra, Inc.
  • John T. Gilbride - Mu (Penn) '38. Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Todd Shipyards.
  • Glen Hiner - Delta (West Virginia) '56. Chairman, CEO, Owens-Corning Fiberglass.
  • Vernon A. Johnson - Omega (California) '36. Former Sr. Vice-President, Eastern Region, Lockhead Aircraft; Senior Advisor, Lockhead Aircraft.
  • Jerry Johnson - Iota Pentaton (Cal. St./Fullerton) '69. President, Chief Operating Officer, The Clorox Company.
  • Kurt Landfraf - Lamba Tetarton (Wagner) '68. CEO, Educational Testing Service.
  • Reginald H. Jones - Mu (Penn) '39. Retired Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, General Electric Co.
  • Gilbert C. "Gill" Maurer - Xi ( St. Lawrence) '50. Retired Executive Vice-President & COO, The Hearst Corporation.
  • Robert Mondavi - Nu Deuteron (Stanford) '36. Former Chairman, Robert Mondavi Winery.
  • Thomas C. Norris - Rho Deuteron (Gettysburg) '60. Retired Chairman & CEO, P.H. Glatfelter Co.
  • Richard H. Wamhoff - Phi Upsilon (Valparaiso) '67. Executive Vice-President Heinz Asia/Pacific.
  • John William Townsend, Jr. - Chi (Williams) '46. President, Fairchild Space & Electronics Company.
  • Robert Wolfe - Kappa Deuteron (Georgia Tech) '60. Chairman & CEO, GenCorp.
  • Stephen Huse - Sigma Triton (Indiana) '68. Famous Restaurateur: Founder of the Noble Romans pizza chain; Owner of Huse Incorporated; Served as Vice chairman and a key executive of Indianapolis-based Consolidated Products, which operates the Steak 'n Shake chain and various specialty restaurants; Owner of St. Elmo's Steak House in Indianapolis.
  • Drama, Radio, Television, and Film
  • Don Knotts - Delta (West Virgina) '46. Televison and movie comedian; Five-time Emmy Award winner.
  • David French - Gamma (Cornell) '60. Former news anchor, CNN.
  • Frank Filipetti - Iota Triton (Connecticut) '68. Grammy Award-winning recording engineer.
  • Burl Ives - Epsilon Delta (Eastern Illinois) '31. Noted actor and folksinger.
  • Martin Milner - Omega Deuteron (Southern Cal.) '53. Television actor, Route 66, Adam 12, etc.
  • Chris Sarandon - Delta (West Virginia) '64. Film actor.
  • Red Skelton - Gamma Epsilon (NE Missouri State) Honorary. Emmy Award-winning television comedian.
  • Tom Smothers - Xi Triton (San Jose State) '61. One of the Smothers Brothers, popular folk-singing and comedy team.
  • Cheech Marin - Actor/Comedian
  • Julio DiBenedetto - Pi Deuteron (Ohio State) '51. Producer and Director of television shows.
  • Cedric W. Foster - Tau (Dartmouth) '24. News Analyst, MBS; member of executive staff, Yankee Network.
  • James L. Loper - Chi Triton (Arizona State) '53. Former Executive Director, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
  • David Selby - Delta (West Virginia) '63. Television and stage actor.
  • Robert Lindsey - Xi Triton (San Jose St.) '56. Author, The Falcon and the Snowman.
  • Gay J. Talese - Omicron Deuteron (Alabama) '53. Author, The Kingdom and The Power, Honor Thy Father, Unto The Sons.



  • Lou Boudreau - Alpha Deuteron (Illinois) '39. 1948 American League MVP; Sports Announcer; Member of Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • Dan Patrick - Eta Hexaton (Dayton) '79. Sportscenter anchor, ESPN Sports Network.
  • Frank Gifford - Omega Deuteron (Southern Cal.) '52. New York Giants star, All-American and Sportscaster, NFL Hall of Fame member.
  • Dick Enberg - Epsilon Xi (Central Michigan) '56. Nationaly known NBC Sportscaster
  • Chris Schenkel - Delta Triton (Purdue) '45. Nationaly known Sportscaster.
  • Bryan and Joel Glazer - Epsilon Triton (American) '86 and '89. Co-Executive Vice Presidents, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • David P. Montgomery - Mu (Penn) '68. President, Philadelphia Phillies.
  • R. Dennis Ralston - Omega Deuteron (Southern Cal) '64. World Team tennis pro; Men's and NCAA champion; Tennis Coach, SMU.
  • Frederick A. Wyatt - Beta (Union) '69. Lacrosse National Hall of Fame.
  • Ellis F. White - Xi (St. Lawrence) '33. President, Essex County College (N.J.).
  • Joseph F. Marsh - Delta (West Virginia) '45. President, Concord College.
  • John D. Williams -zPhi Deuteron (Kentucky) '26. Retired Chancellor, University of Mississippi.
  • Perry Kendig - Pi (Franklin and Marshall) '32. President, Roanoke College.
  • Richard W. Lyman - Phi (Swarthmore) '44. President of Stanford University.
  • Kenneth C. Rogers - Xi (St. Lawrence) '50. President, Stevens Institute of Technology.
  • Paul E. Gray - Omicron (M.I.T.) '54. Chancellor of M.I.T.
  • Jack Magruder - Gamma Epsilon (Truman State University) '57 President of Northeast Missouri State University on into its transition to Truman State University
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