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Potential New Member,

Congratulations on your decision to attend Northern Illinois University! Your college years will provide many new experiences; you will learn who you are as a person, what interests you, and what motivates you. Every decision you make will shape the rest of your life. The people with whom you surround yourself with will have a big impact on the person you become.

For us, we knew there was more to college outside of normal schoolwork, playing video games, or watching movies. Luckily, one of the guys in our residence hall was rushing/being recruited by Phi Sigs and invited us to a few events. When we met the brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa we felt extremely welcomed. We really enjoyed being around them and have never regretted our decision. Now we can't imagine collegiate life without our fraternity and our great friends in Phi Sigma Kappa.


Since the fall 2008 semester, we have over 100 active and involved members (the largest fraternity on NIU’s campus). For some, size does matter.For us it does not.Having the number of members we do allows us to have a greater impact on service to the DeKalb community, university involvement, intramural athletics, alumni and social networking, and greater resources to better the lives of our members and those we serve.We have been members of the NIU Greek Community for over 40 continuous years…we have never been kicked off campus or taken a break due to low manpower.In fact we have been in the same fraternity home since the day it was built.We have accomplished a lot but know there is still much more to be done.For our success we know much is expected.We believe we are doing things the right way.


We promise any potential new members that when you decide to join, you will have an enjoyable yet balanced experience. Our membership is very diverse and we promote positive interaction with all Greek letter organizations.We do not promote conflict rather cooperation with our Inter-fraternal Greek brothers and sisters.In fact we often join together to have combined mixers with other fraternities and sororities.Even though we have a great social life it fails by comparison to the most important aspect of Phi Sigma Kappa…academics. With us, your academic performance will always come before your fraternity commitment. We require every new member to have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA in order to be considered for initiation and charge every initiated member to keep their GPA above the NIU All Men’s Average.Further, we also have a NO HAZING policy. We feel there is no benefit to abuse or embarrass our future brothers.


We believe our chapter at Northern Illinois University says it best..."Membership in Phi Sigma Kappa does not guarantee success in life. Rather, as a member of the Fraternity, the opportunity for success is available to you if you seek it out". Clearly, we cannot say that every member who wears the Brotherhood badge of Phi Sigma Kappa will gain instant status and affluence. The opportunity however is there and waiting. Membership in the Fraternity will offer leadership skills, personal and professional development, responsibility, alumni networking and life-long friendships. The spirit of "brotherhood" – while an intangible object – is definitely alive and well within the confines of our most sacred fraternity."


For any questions you may have about NIU, classes, and the Greek system, please feel free to contact us at (815) 977-7560 extension 21.On behalf of all of the brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa, we hope you enjoy your experience at Northern Illinois University!



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