The Pi Pentaton chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa has one of the best scholarship and awards programs available within Northern's Greek system. We encourage and promote academic achievement and reward our members for their academic success and effort. We also offer special scholarships for our new members.  Lastly, one of our distinguished alumni has established a $1,000,000 (one million) fund that annually grants additional scholarships to Phi Sig business majors. For more detailed information about our scholarship program contact our local scholarship chairman at Scholarship@pskniu.org.







PSK Alumni Association / Dr. Anthony Fusaro Scholarships (members "In house members only with a 3.0+ or higher GPA", or "Highest overall GPA" (any member), or "Most improved GPA" (any member)


Brother Herb Eldean / NIU Endowed Fund Scholarships (any member)


PSK Undergraduate "Out of House" Scholarships (brothers who did not live in the house)


PSK Alumni Association / Dr. Anthony Fusaro Scholarships (Highest New Member/Initiate)


PSK National Foundation Scholarships


[NEW] Incoming Student Scholarship Program (ISSP)




 Recent PSK Alumni Association / Dr. Anthony Fusaro Scholarship Award Recipients

(The list below does not reflect Out of House, Brother Herb Eldean, or PSK National Foundation Scholarship recipients)


 Fall 2013 Scholarships
NameFall 2013 GPATotal Award
Forman, James3.92$500
Wahlstrom, Carl3.54$350
Calvey, Marc3.42$200
Hankla, Brandon3.35$200
Serena, Eric3.25$350
 Total  $1,600
 Spring 2013 Scholarships
NameSpring 2013 GPATotal Award 
Burbaglia, Brian4.00$550
Placek, Brett4.00$550
Strale, William3.50$500
Stiff, Owen3.08$200
Timov, Steven3.20$200
Wehling, Joseph3.24$200
Serena, Eric3.25$200
Grambo, Dalton3.14$150
Rolfs, Adam3.06$150
Curcio, Griffin3.26$200
 Fall 2012 Scholarships
NameFall 2012 GPATotal Award 
Forman, James4.00          $250           
Placek, Brett3.69$600
Barbaglia, Brian3.65$400
Augustyn, Matthew3.50$300
Burke, Scott3.31$300
Serena, Eric3.31$200
Filadelfia, Jesse3.30           $200              
Mathena, James3.25           $200            
Burke, Conner3.20           $150            
Hopkins, Ryan3.20         $200         
Timov, Steven3.20            $150            
Stiff, Owen3.08           $150             
Hankla, Brandon3.00          $150              
Mui, Kevin3.00     $150          
 Total             $3,400
 Spring 2012 Scholarships
NameSpring 2012 GPATotal Award 
Barbaglia, Brian4.00$550
Farrell, Jacob3.78              $250             
Placek, Brett3.46             $250           
Burke, Scott3.40              $250             
Hopkins, Ryan3.40             $250           
Shute, Brian3.31              $300            
Wojdula, Jonathan3.29              $250            
DeGood, Bret3.25              $200            
Kauth, Matthew3.25              $200            
Dalaly, Anthony3.16              $300            
Desantis, Joseph3.03              $150            
Ecton, Brandon3.00              $150            
Sanchez, Jeremy3.00              $150            
Rolfs, Adam3.00              $150            
 Fall 2011 Scholarships
NameFall 2011 GPATotal Award 
Kunde, Richard4.00             $500             
Placek, Brett3.64             $300             
Lill, Steven3.63             $250             
Plate, Kyle3.53             $400             
Heurta, Vincent3.32             $300             
Shute, Brian3.31             $250             
Wojdula, Jonathan3.20             $150             
Barbaglia, Brian3.00             $150             
Burke, Connor3.00             $150              
Burke, Scott3.00             $150             
Dalaly, Anthony3.00             $250             
Filadelfia, Jesse3.00             $200             
Grambo, Dalton3.00             $150             
Hasman, Steven3.00             $150             
Hopkins, Ryan3.00             $150             
Rogina, Kevin3.00             $150             
Swoik, David3.00             $150             
Wehling, Joe3.00             $150             
 Total        $3,800       
 Spring 2011 Scholarships
NameSpring 2011 GPATotal Award 
Clevy, Jordan4.00             $550             
Grumstrup, Geoffrey3.79             $550             
Radosta, Joseph3.79             $600             
Dalitto, Richard3.46             $350             
Heurta, Vincent3.44             $250             
Basso, Joseph3.40             $200             
Mahaz, Anthony3.40             $300             
Wehling, Joe3.40             $100             
Burke, Connor3.40             $250             
Dudas, Rory3.36             $200            
Wicklund, Jeremy3.31             $450            
Thomas, Kyle3.31             $350             
Madl, Alex3.31             $100            
Razniewski, Michael3.25             $300             
Raz, Daniel3.25             $250             
Cakici, Alpkan3.20             $250             
Shute, Brian3.14             $150             
Dalaly, Anthony3.13             $200             
Soucy, Ryan3.00             $150             
Plate, Kyle3.00             $200             
Barbaglia, Robert3.00             $200             
Timov, Steven3.00             $150             
Irizarry, Alex3.00             $300             
Filadelfia, Jesse3.00             $150             
Hebda, Ryan3.00             $150             
 Total            $6,700           
 Fall 2010 Scholarships
NameFall 2010 GPATotal Award 
Plate, Kyle4.00             $500             
Grumstrup, Geoffrey4.00             $500             
DeGood, Bret4.00             $250             
Mahaz, Anthony3.80             $450             
Radosta, Joseph3.77             $450             
DeSantis, Michael3.60             $400             
Irizarry, Alex3.44             $300             
Burke, Conner3.40             $200             
Clevy, Jordan3.38             $300             
Hasman, Steven3.31             $200             
Burke, Scott3.25             $200             
Stearns, Tyler3.25             $200             
Ternstrom, Mark3.25             $200             
Huerta, Vincent3.22             $150             
McGovern, Sean3.20             $350             
Barbaglia, Robert3.20             $150             
Sanchez, Jeremy3.20             $150             
Wenc, David3.19             $100             
Wicklund, Jeremy3.00             $350             
Dalitto, Richard3.00             $250             
Hankla, Michael3.00             $250             
Thomas, Kyle3.00             $250             
Jockl, Matthew3.00             $200             
Razniewski, Michael3.00             $200             
Dalaly, Anthony3.00             $150             
Raz, Daniel3.00             $150             
 Total        $6,850        
 Spring 2010 Scholarships
NameSpring 2010 GPATotal Award 
Devona, Christopher4.00$500
Clevy, Jordan4.00$500
Grumstrup, Geoffrey4.00$500
Dudas, Rory3.81$250
Zirin, Jeremy3.77$400
Radosta, Joseph3.60$300
Irizarry, Alex3.33$250
Kody, Joseph3.25 $300
Dalitto, Richard3.25$250
Davia, Steve3.25$250
DeSantis, Michael3.25$250
McGovern, Sean3.20$300
Montenegro, Erasmo3.20$200
Ventura, Christopher3.20$150
Hankla, Michael3.19$200
Mahaz, Anthony3.19$150
Papatheofanis, Petros3.15$200
Thomas, Kyle3.07$200
Jockl, Matthew3.06$150
Pilafas, Steven3.06$150
Wicklund, Jeremy3.00$300
Seggeling, James3.00$150
Sotelo, Jaime2.50$100
 Fall 2009 Scholarships
NameFall 2009 GPATotal Award 
McCord, Nathan4.00$500
Plate, Kyle4.00$250
Kody, Joseph3.80$450
Montenegro, Erasmo3.60$300
DeSantis, Michael3.60$300
Tejeda, Michael3.53$600
McGovern, Sean3.50$400
Wilson, Ross3.50$350
Dalitto, Richard3.50$300
Soucy, Ryan3.50$300
Clevy, Jordan3.43$200
Hankla, Michael3.29$200
Davia, Stephen3.25$200
Stearns, Tyler3.20$150
Grumstrup, Geoffrey3.20$150
Razniewski, Michael3.20$150
Irizarry, Alex3.20$150
Wicklund, Jeremy3.19$250
Ehmann, Brian3.01$150
Ross, Jonathan3.00$200
Papatheofanis, Petros3.00$150
Lewandowski, Todd3.00$150
Elefano, Justin3.00$150
Sanchez, Jeremy3.00$150
Thomas, Kyle3.00$150
Jockl, Matthew2.81$100
 Spring 2009 Scholarships
NameSpring 2009 GPATotal Award 
Nitti, James4.00$500
Komperda, Kyle3.69$300
Shute, Brian3.60$250
Wenc, Bryan3.50$300
Lotich, Ryan3.50$100
Rizzo, Trent3.44$300
Noble, Thomas3.35$400
Ross, Jonathan3.31$200
Galvez, Christian3.25$300
Greenberg, Grant3.25$100
Pilafas, Steven3.20$350
Wicklund, Jeremy3.00$250
Kody, Joseph3.00$150
 Fall 2008 Scholarships
NameFall 2008 GPATotal Award 
Seggeling, James4.00$250
Patel, Ravi3.79$500
Pilafas, Steven3.71$350
Wilson, Ross3.54$250
Noble, Thomas3.47$250
Tejeda, Michael3.36$300
Montenegro, Erasmo3.25$300
Wicklund, Jeremy3.25$200
Melicharek, Anthony3.25$200
McGovern, Sean3.23$150
Hebda, Brandon3.20$150
Davia, Stephen3.20$150
Rossi, Lorenzo3.20$150
Galvez, Christian3.20$150
Rizzo, Trent3.19$150
Breese, Michael3.08$200
Slater, Derek3.00$200
Kiburg, Brian3.00$150
 Sping 2008 Scholarships
NameSpring 2008 GPATotal Award 
Quinn, Brian 3.93$750
Patel, Ravi3.79$450
Forbes, Daniel 3.50$400
Peters, Franklin 3.50$400
Zirin, Jeremy 3.50$350
Pilafas, Steven3.50$300
Ross, Jonathan 3.50$300
Tejeda, Michael 3.40$250
Creagh, Anthony 3.33$250
Nesci, Donald 3.33$250
Noble, Thomas 3.27$200
Breese, Michael 3.25$200
Montenegro, Erasmo3.00$200
Look, Nicholas 3.20$150
 Fall 2007 Scholarships
NameFall 2007 GPATotal Award 
Demma, Salvatore3.90$500
Quinn, Brian3.80$600
Forbes, Daniel3.79$450
Tejeda, Michael3.54$300
Kosir, Ante 3.40$250
Patel, Ravi3.31$200
Peters, Frank3.25$250
Slater, Derek3.21$150
Montenegro, David3.20$150
Zirin, Jeremy3.20$150
Heerlein, Joseph3.08$300
Marino, John3.00 $250
Tharnstrom, Jonathan 3.00$250
Biedrzycki, Richard3.00$150
Creagh, Anthony3.00$150
Nesci, Donald 3.00$150
Palmer, John3.00$150


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